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KIP photo June 14, 2008

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well nearly…

You see, we managed to get together, and we knitted. In public. But, we also chatted. A lot. So the one and only photo is of the Mads eating, and not of us knitting!

Oh – to be truthful, only I knitted, for poor Linda had made a mistake some 120 stitches ago, and not only is she knitting some sort of pattern with holes and thus ‘YO’ers and ‘k2TOG’ers, she is also knitting on small needles, and is a girl with tight tension – so she battled with unpicking whilst I knitted. 

But we had fun, and have agreed to do it again. Nest week were have invited a bunch of colleagues to meet us for morning tea, its going to be an learning/coaching opportunity for those needing a little help in the craft department. And from september onwards we will be starting some sort of regular knitting-meet up.

Heres the non-knitter not knitting, photo taken by the knitter before the knitting began:



A bit o’ action. June 11, 2008

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So the hat has still not got its ends sewn in. But guess what – DD does not care o-n-e bit. It hangs on her bed and she loves it and there it will stay. Unless of course it is on her head for a photoshoot.

The pattern really doesn’t get a chance in that yarn. Something to learn from that I guess.

Next project then was a star shaped ball. Wanted to try the pattern using some leftover cottons, but then I ran out of yarn, and forgot to take my ball of wacky-points to the shop to match some more blues, and THEN i realised I had attached the last two points in the wrong way. So the starshaped ball is officially having a rest. The points are really fiddly, and annoying. Might have to be left for a long while before I want to go near it again.

Found some really nice thick merino wool in a perfect grey and have started a winter scarf. The merino have a very low itch factor. Very low. I think I actually might cope with it. The double rib on size 5.5mm is a breeze. I shall bring it along to WWKIP on saturday. A bunch of freinds and colleagues meeting at a local cafe in the afternoon. Pics to follow.