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Blue Quilt progress, hand quilting half done January 16, 2010

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It is taking its time I must admit.

A downturn in my mental health, a wee bit of christmas prep and celebration and an awful lot of suny Melbourne days got in the way me thinks.

I am taking the quilt to work, and work on it in my breaks, I get at least 30 minutes done per shift, and I work 7 days of a fortnight. Should be done by easter 😉

Should have viewed the pic before uploading – that is terrible! But now the day light is gone, so cant redo it.


It took 3 days to get to the couch September 5, 2008

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Can you believe it? 3 days at home with a sick child, and it was only on the third that I actually planted my behind on the couch and grapped my cotton and my hook. I watched ‘Notes on a scandal’ and enjoyed it. I didn’t really like the ending, it didn’t resolve the relationship between the two women, but liked the rest of the film. And I have now got half the squares I need for my scarf, and wont have enough yarn, so will need to go shopping on the weekend. Yesterday I shopped i Target, a kodak camera for under $100AU – a bargain, and boy have I missed my camera. Heres the scarf so far, I’ll leave it narrow and long, and have decided to border it in blue or white, or maby both. It might get too blue if I dont use the white…?

oops I forgot to rotate the image…


Slow progress August 12, 2008

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Only making tiny advances… Work has been too busy, normally I get time for at least one square in the dinner break 🙂

I’m happy with the colours, not sure how to achieve ‘randomness’ with just 3 background colours though.


New crochet project August 1, 2008

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I has been inspired by my travels around some danish crafty blogs, and needed something portable (kids are now training or playing basket ball 5 days a week) so granny sqares with a feminine twist seemed perfect. It is pure cotton for my overly sensitive neck and my favorite colour combination, I think the brown softens the contrast between the blue and the white. Made me want to do a ripple blanket in the white, the brown and the shade og green we have on the walls of the living room, I doubt if I can find the rigth green though, LYS had a dissapointing range of colours to choose from, I think I remember seeing 10 (!!) and can you believe it, not black – or red now that I think about it.

I am finding the flowers a little fiddly, but enjoying the monotomy of treble rows.

How many scarves does one need?? I think this will be my 9th.


Saturday morning July 23, 2008

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looked like this

Camera has been missing for a few days. Found it next to the sewing machine. And next to the kitchen scissors (had blamed MIL for them).


Brain freeze 2 July 19, 2008

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So, I did not get the Bear wallhanging completely finished, but I just needed to handstitch the edging fabric to the back, so only a 30 minute job. I gave the present, took it back, and shared a glass of birthday bubbles with my self in the corner of the couch whilst I finished it. And then came brain freeze 2: forgot to take a photo of the finished project. I’ll email SIL for her to take a pic for me for my bragbook.

I am now officially without a WIP.

What shall it be, what shall it be..?? Actually, perhaps I could attempt to finish the crossstitc santa I commenced 6 years ago, or start sourcing fabrics for a christmas wallhanging. Would be nice to be albe to put either on tha wall in December.


Brain freeze July 18, 2008

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Was planning for an all nighter in front of the sewing machine on the bear wall hanging since:

 1. the birthday girls party is tomorrow at 3pm

 2. we will need to leave at least one hour before to get there

 3. before the party we have to shop, for another present for another party, and for wrapping paper and a card

4. We have a basket ball game tomorrow morning

5. the man is not home tonight

6. the kids have friends over for a sleepover

Just one little teeny thing I had forgotten. Tonights guest are sleeping in the same room as the sewingmachine. I suppose I could have moved the sewingmachine to the kitchen, but just as I did not remember that the guests were sleeping in the sewing room, until it was bedtime, I did not remember that I could just have moved the machine, until they had fallen asleep.

Thats what you get when you stay up late on a ‘school night’, a brain that freezes.