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WIPs – scarf, witches cape and ninja glasses October 25, 2008

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I have finally finished making all the flower-embellished granny squares for the scarf. And in the mean time spring has sprung and the scarf season is over! Well, I have decided that this scarf must be worn at least once, be if with a bikini or not!!

I have made a pattern tonight, and cut my pieces for a black suede-like cape/jacket thingy for DD8 who has asked to be a witch this year for halloween. Last year was very easy Рready made she-devil costumes with a bit of eyeliner and a lot of teasing of the hair. I will put it togehter tomorrow, which leaves me 4 days next week to buy one if everything falls to pieces.

The remnants turned into simple but effective ninja-masks for the DDs and friend.