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Lack of time March 9, 2009

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It seems a recurring theme. Having too many commitments and not enough time to go around.

I have not been able to work due to a back injury, but still, no time to engage in anything crafty it seems.

This afternoon the possums have requested I chauffeur them and two friends to the indoor pool, I suppose I could combine a little children-watching with a little fixing of the ends that have come loose on the flowerscarf. And mayby even coffee-drinking with my 3rd hand 😉

I was so carefull to crochet in all the ends as I went along, but somehow it must have been too loose, for I have spotted a dozen or so that are starting to dangle, and even a flower coming undone. Bugger!!

It was exactly this I was trying to avoid.


WIPs – scarf, witches cape and ninja glasses October 25, 2008

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I have finally finished making all the flower-embellished granny squares for the scarf. And in the mean time spring has sprung and the scarf season is over! Well, I have decided that this scarf must be worn at least once, be if with a bikini or not!!

I have made a pattern tonight, and cut my pieces for a black suede-like cape/jacket thingy for DD8 who has asked to be a witch this year for halloween. Last year was very easy – ready made she-devil costumes with a bit of eyeliner and a lot of teasing of the hair. I will put it togehter tomorrow, which leaves me 4 days next week to buy one if everything falls to pieces.

The remnants turned into simple but effective ninja-masks for the DDs and friend.


Cute hairclip flower September 7, 2008

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Whilst lounging in the sun with sick daughter a new hairclip was born. A flower from the scarf made its way to onto a hairclip, and we both loved it.


It took 3 days to get to the couch September 5, 2008

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Can you believe it? 3 days at home with a sick child, and it was only on the third that I actually planted my behind on the couch and grapped my cotton and my hook. I watched ‘Notes on a scandal’ and enjoyed it. I didn’t really like the ending, it didn’t resolve the relationship between the two women, but liked the rest of the film. And I have now got half the squares I need for my scarf, and wont have enough yarn, so will need to go shopping on the weekend. Yesterday I shopped i Target, a kodak camera for under $100AU – a bargain, and boy have I missed my camera. Heres the scarf so far, I’ll leave it narrow and long, and have decided to border it in blue or white, or maby both. It might get too blue if I dont use the white…?

oops I forgot to rotate the image…


Thanks Carina September 3, 2008

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I’ve been Awarded…

1. Recipients must pick 5 blogs they consider deserving of this award for creativity, design, interesting material, and for contributing to the blogging community in whatever language.
2. Each of the 5 selected blogs must include the name of the author and a link to his/her site to be visited by readers.
3. The recipient must show the award and indicate the name and link to the blog of the one that handed it to him/her.
4. All Award recipients must include a link to the Arte y Pico site to inform all readers about the origin of this award.

My 5 pick: Jhoanna for her most amazing softiesConcha for bloggin bi-lingually and making fantastic bags, Tina, for knitting and positive-ness, Julie for adorable cuteness, and Yasmine for magic on paper.


Slow progress August 12, 2008

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Only making tiny advances… Work has been too busy, normally I get time for at least one square in the dinner break 🙂

I’m happy with the colours, not sure how to achieve ‘randomness’ with just 3 background colours though.


New crochet project August 1, 2008

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I has been inspired by my travels around some danish crafty blogs, and needed something portable (kids are now training or playing basket ball 5 days a week) so granny sqares with a feminine twist seemed perfect. It is pure cotton for my overly sensitive neck and my favorite colour combination, I think the brown softens the contrast between the blue and the white. Made me want to do a ripple blanket in the white, the brown and the shade og green we have on the walls of the living room, I doubt if I can find the rigth green though, LYS had a dissapointing range of colours to choose from, I think I remember seeing 10 (!!) and can you believe it, not black – or red now that I think about it.

I am finding the flowers a little fiddly, but enjoying the monotomy of treble rows.

How many scarves does one need?? I think this will be my 9th.