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WIPs – scarf, witches cape and ninja glasses October 25, 2008

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I have finally finished making all the flower-embellished granny squares for the scarf. And in the mean time spring has sprung and the scarf season is over! Well, I have decided that this scarf must be worn at least once, be if with a bikini or not!!

I have made a pattern tonight, and cut my pieces for a black suede-like cape/jacket thingy for DD8 who has asked to be a witch this year for halloween. Last year was very easy – ready made she-devil costumes with a bit of eyeliner and a lot of teasing of the hair. I will put it togehter tomorrow, which leaves me 4 days next week to buy one if everything falls to pieces.

The remnants turned into simple but effective ninja-masks for the DDs and friend.


Cute hairclip flower September 7, 2008

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Whilst lounging in the sun with sick daughter a new hairclip was born. A flower from the scarf made its way to onto a hairclip, and we both loved it.


Yoda, finito! July 15, 2008

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I am not entirely satisfied. Mainly because I am not an experienced knitter and my stitches are uneven. Also because the sleeves are very narrow, especially where they join the body, and they are way long. The edges on the front pieces (they overlap) were not very neat, so I crotcheted a row of single crotchet to neaten them a little. I was running out of time, so chose a crotchet cord for the inside ties, and two buttons from the stash for the outside, one on top of the other, for that girlie touch. Handed the finished product over to Little Miss Evelyn today. She is adorable!

Oh – I DO like that the fit of the body is long and narrow, I find that a lot of babies and childrens clothes are too wide and too short. And I like the little roll-over neckline.

Hot or Not – Lukewarm. Wouldn’t do another. But was happily surprised how quick a jumper that size is to make, so will perhaps try another pattern.

First I have to get stuck into an appliqued wallhanging for Niece Anna. She turns 1 on Saturday, and is the only one out of 5 nieces and nephews who has not received something homemade from aunty M yet. The pieces have been traced, and cut tonight. Have sent an order through a friend for some fabric glue from the shops tomorrow (between work and basket ball practice there will be no shopping time for me tomorrow) and I will get a good part of the sewing (if not all) done tomorrow so I just have to add binding friday evening. Thursday is booket out!


KIP photo June 14, 2008

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well nearly…

You see, we managed to get together, and we knitted. In public. But, we also chatted. A lot. So the one and only photo is of the Mads eating, and not of us knitting!

Oh – to be truthful, only I knitted, for poor Linda had made a mistake some 120 stitches ago, and not only is she knitting some sort of pattern with holes and thus ‘YO’ers and ‘k2TOG’ers, she is also knitting on small needles, and is a girl with tight tension – so she battled with unpicking whilst I knitted. 

But we had fun, and have agreed to do it again. Nest week were have invited a bunch of colleagues to meet us for morning tea, its going to be an learning/coaching opportunity for those needing a little help in the craft department. And from september onwards we will be starting some sort of regular knitting-meet up.

Heres the non-knitter not knitting, photo taken by the knitter before the knitting began:



A bribe March 12, 2008

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My DD’s attend danish school once or twice a month. They really don’t like to go – they tell me each time, but appear to have fun whenever we get there. I am on the committee, so we ‘have’ to go, and I really enjoy catching up with my danish friends.
This year I decided to bribe the girls, they got a new pink folder each, new textas, a gold texta (which are priced possessions when you are 7 and 8, even more so than the pinks) and I made a new rolled-up pencil case for them. It worked 😉
I only had enough red-and-white-danish-coloured fabric for one, so they are sharing.
The next one need the slots for the pencils to be a little wider, and the ribbon needs to be wider too, to make it easier for little hands to tie. I will make one for myself too, for the knitting needles and the crochet hooks.
I used this tutorial.


Mr Bear AKA Candyfloss – finished February 27, 2008

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Last stitch completed in time for Mr Candyfloss to join DD7 for school. Still looks like a Piggy more than a bear… am all out of black felt, so he has no eyes or nose just yet. I’m still hoping that’ll help his transformation. He’s sleeping safely under DD7s wing (and under nannas pink and purple patchwork quilt, which I must blog about one of these days) so a photo will have to wait.

Now DD8 wants me to make her a Mr Fairyfloss…