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Nearly a year… January 3, 2011

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Since I last blogged. How time flies. Perhaps having taken on fulltime work for the first time in my life would have something to do with it.

The crafty side of my excistance has been rather slow, but I have been snooping around crafty blogsites lately and is slowly feeling a crafty mojo returning. First I will need to find my sewing table under a mountain of easter decorations, christmas decorations, a pile of ironing and my DDs pile of UFO’s. Not going to be an easy task – but my biggest carrot this week is the possibility of my SIL and her kids staying the night in 2 days time. I will NEED to at least find the floor!


The projects I would like to get into are:

Quilts for selling. Have been thinking about this for a long long time now. Had two quilts for sale in a local shop selling new and used designer childrens clothes and toys, but no takers there. I have approach another local shop, which had a markup of 120-200% so that would make my quilts totally not affordable. I have a third shop in mind to approach, but need to stop thinking about doing it, and actually get into action. Thursday this week sounds good – doesn’t it?

Placemats. I have a thing about placemats. Dont know why, but I love them! Would love to make some for my sis too.

Skirts. I love wearing skirts, and have two really good patterns, and at least one piece of fabric purchased for the purpose, so really just need to get happening on that one too.


Its good to be back!


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