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One Quilt, two questions August 22, 2009

Filed under: craft,Patchwork,sewing — craftymim @ 4:58 pm

I’ve pieced everything together on the “blue quilt fit for a garden bench”, and added an outside border. I am still not satisfied, that the diamond shape made by the blue squares, is standing out enough. Perhaps my eyes can no longer look at this thing objectively?

We packed up the spare bed today, to make room for my sewing table. We had lots of visitors at the beginning of the year, so my sewing things were tucked away in the cupboard. I have pieced this quilt mainly on the kitchen table, and I just LURVE being in the hub of the home, crafting, with the family busy around me. However, I really don’t like the mess ( I am a messy crafter) nor the fact that everything had to be moved when dinner time came around. So, back to the spare room I moved.

We placed the mattress from the bed up against the wall, in preperation for my friend who have bought the bed, picking it up – and it turned out to be a fab quilt board!


My first question – to the audience – is: does this pattern/block have a name?

My second question – to my self – is: how am I going to quilt it?

I am contemplating outlining (inlining??) the white zig zag-edged shapes with two rows of stippling 1/4″ apart. I think that would bring out the blue diamonds like I want to.


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