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Thursday patchwork July 11, 2009

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My friend Linda has been taking patchwork classes with Gill every second thursday, I recently joined her to have some structure around getting a quilt completed for the garden bench before the arrival of spring. I know what I want to create, but thought the ‘forced’ two hours of work once a fortnight, would get me inspired to get cracking. I wanted to use a design I had seen on a quilt at the Herrenswood homestead last year. Lots of little squares joined in 9 patches, alternating with white squares, to make the outline of larger squares.


I first thought i would raid the stash for an assortment of colours, but on closer inspection, there seen to be enough in the blues alone, my fave colour, so have purchased a white fabric with blue dots to use af the ‘white’ part of the quilt. The blues that I have already are very different, but I think it will still ‘gel’ because the squares a small-ish (2 inches finished) and because of the blue dots on the ‘white’ fabric.

I have played around on my new beast, the iMac, with three different layouts, my first thought was layout 1, as it would be the easiest to create, but I am not a fan of the ‘x’s in the corners that stand out, I want the largers squares to be dominant so I think I will stick to layout 2 although that means a little more planning and thinking as I can’t just use my simple nine-patched and plain white squares. The 3rd is just to plain disorganised for me. I suppose it could end up being something completely different once I get the teachers input.

layout 1

layout 2

layout 3

This weeks class was cancelled due to a family members death. I was keen to get started, and tempted to just go ahead with what I thought would be the way to start, but have decided to hold my breath, wash the fabrics, iron them, and have them neatly folded in a bag ready to roll in 2 weeks time. I want to make sure I get as much ‘gold’ from Gill in the way of quilting knowledge, the ensure the best end result, but also taking the easiest route 😉


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