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Brain freeze 2 July 19, 2008

Filed under: craft,Patchwork,sewing,WIP — craftymim @ 10:56 pm

So, I did not get the Bear wallhanging completely finished, but I just needed to handstitch the edging fabric to the back, so only a 30 minute job. I gave the present, took it back, and shared a glass of birthday bubbles with my self in the corner of the couch whilst I finished it. And then came brain freeze 2: forgot to take a photo of the finished project. I’ll email SIL for her to take a pic for me for my bragbook.

I am now officially without a WIP.

What shall it be, what shall it be..?? Actually, perhaps I could attempt to finish the crossstitc santa I commenced 6 years ago, or start sourcing fabrics for a christmas wallhanging. Would be nice to be albe to put either on tha wall in December.


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  1. Brain Bookmarks… user has just tagged your post as brain!…

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