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Scarf update July 12, 2008

Filed under: knitting,WIP — craftymim @ 11:36 pm

The scarf is so nearly finished. I lost one of my knitting needles about a week ago after it was turned into a horse and used in this manner by the grls. So although I had only the casting off to do I had to patiently wait for the missing ‘horse’ to be found. Found it tonight. (in the bottom of my knitting bag, not as I had thought somewhere in the grls’ rooms – but I’m not telling anybody).

So all we need now is a needle with an eye big enough for the 8ply. Dont think I have one.

Modelled on the man: note the smile. He’s happy. And warm.(He doesn’t know that I have plans to borrow it tomorrow, heck I made it in grey to match my new hoodie).


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