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A bit o’ action. June 11, 2008

Filed under: craft,knitting,WWKIP — craftymim @ 10:43 pm

So the hat has still not got its ends sewn in. But guess what – DD does not care o-n-e bit. It hangs on her bed and she loves it and there it will stay. Unless of course it is on her head for a photoshoot.

The pattern really doesn’t get a chance in that yarn. Something to learn from that I guess.

Next project then was a star shaped ball. Wanted to try the pattern using some leftover cottons, but then I ran out of yarn, and forgot to take my ball of wacky-points to the shop to match some more blues, and THEN i realised I had attached the last two points in the wrong way. So the starshaped ball is officially having a rest. The points are really fiddly, and annoying. Might have to be left for a long while before I want to go near it again.

Found some really nice thick merino wool in a perfect grey and have started a winter scarf. The merino have a very low itch factor. Very low. I think I actually might cope with it. The double rib on size 5.5mm is a breeze. I shall bring it along to WWKIP on saturday. A bunch of freinds and colleagues meeting at a local cafe in the afternoon. Pics to follow.





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