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Seeking non-itchy yarn May 9, 2008

Filed under: craft,knitting,WIP — craftymim @ 11:10 pm

Been thinking.

Needing a scarf or two or three for this winter.

I absolutely cannot stand wool. the Itch. Wont work.

So what else is available. Just cotton??

I crochet’ a pink scarf last year. It’s still waiting for me to sew in the ends. Perhaps my ‘next’ project should be to finish that, and then head to the store for some inspiration. I’m thinking grey and a large ply, knitted in rib. Just need to get happening really.

The blue varigated hat i finished. well, nearly. Needs ends sewn in too. That must be my project for tomorrow night. BTW its way too small. Just fits DD9.


2 Responses to “Seeking non-itchy yarn”

  1. Irene Says:

    Delicious luxurious cashmere. Promise, there is not an itch in it. Viscose and silk are other options. I did a scarf in banana silk, which turned out quite nice and non-itchy.

  2. craftymim Says:

    Thanks my friend. Might have time for a browse of the shops on tuesday.

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