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Leafy cottony hat band March 27, 2008

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Leafy cottony hat band

Originally uploaded by BloggerMiM

My oh my! I do believe I see a leaf. Dare I call it a piece of LACE???? (and might I add, so freaking easier than socks!!)
Its blue. I love blue.
Its cotton. I love cotton.
Its varigated. Im not big on varigated – but its a leaf pattern. yeah. Just how excited can one be? Very.
BTW its not blocked – merely stretched so I can share the LEAVES.
Perhaps one day this crochet-ing gal will transmorph into a real knitter…
Its a band for a hat. Next challenge is picking up 80 stitches to form the top. Fancy having to pick up 80 stitches on 11 repeats. Lucky i’m nuts about numbers. 😉


2 Responses to “Leafy cottony hat band”

  1. gillie Says:

    It’s gorgeous but how it could be easier than socks is beyond me! I can only crochet long worms, but hoping to learn how to produce something more useful soon – but unlikely to produce anything as pretty as this 🙂

  2. Maria Says:

    gillie – it is SO easy. Once you get it LOL! Turns out the lace part is too loose for the top part. Not sure if I can be bothered frogging and trying again. I guess it’s all practise.

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