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A bribe March 12, 2008

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My DD’s attend danish school once or twice a month. They really don’t like to go – they tell me each time, but appear to have fun whenever we get there. I am on the committee, so we ‘have’ to go, and I really enjoy catching up with my danish friends.
This year I decided to bribe the girls, they got a new pink folder each, new textas, a gold texta (which are priced possessions when you are 7 and 8, even more so than the pinks) and I made a new rolled-up pencil case for them. It worked 😉
I only had enough red-and-white-danish-coloured fabric for one, so they are sharing.
The next one need the slots for the pencils to be a little wider, and the ribbon needs to be wider too, to make it easier for little hands to tie. I will make one for myself too, for the knitting needles and the crochet hooks.
I used this tutorial.


2 Responses to “A bribe”

  1. gillie Says:

    I rather fancy one of those for my own pens. I have tried all sorts of pencil cases for crops; big ones, little ones, zip up ones, rigid boxes but can never find the pen I need when I need it. This looks just the ticket and something even I ought to be able to sew without too much trouble!

  2. craftymim Says:

    Let me know when you have tried it out. It really is easy.
    Looking forward to see your choice of fabrics.

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