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WIP 26th Feb February 26, 2008

Filed under: craft,knitting,Patchwork,sewing,WIP — craftymim @ 9:28 pm

At the moment I am stitching up the bear for DD7. She is in love. I think the neck is rather fat, and it makes Mr Bear look like a Mr Piggy. Perhaps the addition of the stitched  nose detail and a bow around his neck to trim it down, will make all the difference. 

Talking about bears: DD8 went to the tip today on a school excursion (learning about recycling and sustainability I agree with, asking the kids to bring money to buy other peoples junk back – I’m not so sure), and came home with a rather filthy stuffed bear that needs mending. She was happy, a bargain at AU30c!

I have been looking at this picture of a danish birthday table runner  (link is in danish, but photo bilingual) for a while. I think that might have to be my next sewing project. I’m not sure about the red and white squares with the natural, it’s a bit busy for me. But I love the flags on the ends. Mayby more neutral and smaller red/white squares in a checker-board pattern.


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