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Tote and missing card. February 16, 2008

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Last year I bought the book ‘Quilts’ by Denyse Schmidt. I made the apron minus the dangling balls at the bottom (the photo is not mine, due to major computer problems and not having any back up – learn a lesson people form me – BACK UP!! I’ve lost many many photos) –  as christmas presents for my sis and my mum who live many thousands of miles from me, and wrote a favorite recipe and put it in the pocket. I’ve got fabric selected to make one for my self, but at the moment the sewing room needs a major overhaul before I can safely reach my sewing machine.

I tried my hand at stitching fabric strips onto cardboard for a card (like these) for my beautiful pregnant friend Sher, and liked it so much a adapted the stripes for a tote. On the card the raw sides that frey alittle is a feature, but is somehow tamed a little by zig-zagging over the design. I forgot to zig zag the tote, and should have gone for the non-freyed look, but as it is ‘only’ to carry my lunch in to work I think it will be just fine.

My DD8 added a special design feature with her hama beads.

Currently struggling with adding photos… will get some fresh air and look at it again later.


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