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A bad knitter February 15, 2008

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I try and I try, but still I remain a bad knitter. I find it takes too long compared to my fave – crochet. I am working my way through a small project, a pink bear for my DD7 from ‘simply baby’ by Debbie Bliss.

I’ve dropped stitches, my tension is sooo uneven – but I’m sure she wont mind when I present to her the final stuffed cuddly Mr Bear. Have just one sleeve to go, but need more yarn, he’s made with leftovers from at crochet blanket I made for my niece for Christmas. Unfortunately all photos from December vanished after a hard drive malfunction, so will have to publish that later.


5 Responses to “A bad knitter”

  1. I’m a failed knitter. Crochet is much better. 🙂 I’m impressed that you have persevered to the point of actually finishing a project…I always give up after the first bits.

  2. craftymim Says:

    hi blueflowertreasures – well by definition it is still WOP – but I am sure my DD will keep me to my promise. Problem with crochet i find, is that it is far less flexible in the design, and much bulkier. I’m finding it hard to find patterns that actually inspire me to make anything. Perhaps I need to wait till im 70 and will fall in love with doylies….?? LOL

  3. I learned the very basics of knitting before discovering crochet. I’m definitely a crochet person, but I’m trying to figure out knitting as well. I think I’ve gotten so comfortable with crochet that knitting makes me feel like I’m going back to the awkward learning stage again.
    Crochet is bulkier than crochet, but I disagree with craftymim that is it less flexible in design. Those hyperbolic curves were made in crochet once the designer couldn’t replicate the same effect in knitting. Doilies are not in my decorating scheme, but look at Doris Chan. She is incorporating the same designs into wearables.
    Keep at the knitting if you like it! With every stitch and FO you’re one step closer to being comfortable with your tension.

  4. craftymim Says:

    Hi kidneybean, thanks for your encouragement!

  5. […] 26th Feb At the moment I am stitching up the bear for DD7. She is in love. I think the neck is rather fat, and it makes Mr Bear look like a Mr Piggy. Perhaps […]

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