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Fuld tid. April 20, 2012

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Jeg arbejder fuld tid. For første gang nogen sinde. Som 38 årig.

Jeg syntes jeg har været priviligeret at jeg ikke har skullet være på fuld tid før nu. Jeg har været deltids og har haft tid til at tage mig af meget af det herhjemme.

Som sygeplejerske er det nemt at være deltids. Men i min nuværende job, som klinisk vejleder, er man her i landet, kun ansat på fuldtid.

Jeg elsker at være vejleder, men jeg elsker ikke fuldtids arbejde.

Jeg savner at have fri midt på ugen hvor ‘alle de andre’ er på arbejde eller i skole, og jeg kan have tid bare til at gøre hvad jeg har lyst til.

Jeg savner at have tid til at gå på posthuset – det lokale er ikke åbent i weekenden.

Jeg savner at tage på biblioteket. Der er kun aften åbent een dag om ugen.

Det er besværligt at skulle handle samtidig med alle de andre der handler uden for normal arbejds tid.

Men, samtidig elsker jeg at en hverdag er en hverdag, og en weekend er en weekend og at det kan mærkes!

God weekend.





Bread. Done slow. January 4, 2012

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I have a thing for bread.

It’s a danish thing.

Bread must be heavy in the crumb, and chewy with a little crunch in the crust.

Inspired by the loaf ‘a 4 year old could make’,

I’ve mixed, and now letting rest a moist bundle of wholemeal flour, white flour, water, salt and a tiny amount of yeast.












Lunch tomorrow will be awesome.



Nearly a year… January 3, 2011

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Since I last blogged. How time flies. Perhaps having taken on fulltime work for the first time in my life would have something to do with it.

The crafty side of my excistance has been rather slow, but I have been snooping around crafty blogsites lately and is slowly feeling a crafty mojo returning. First I will need to find my sewing table under a mountain of easter decorations, christmas decorations, a pile of ironing and my DDs pile of UFO’s. Not going to be an easy task – but my biggest carrot this week is the possibility of my SIL and her kids staying the night in 2 days time. I will NEED to at least find the floor!


The projects I would like to get into are:

Quilts for selling. Have been thinking about this for a long long time now. Had two quilts for sale in a local shop selling new and used designer childrens clothes and toys, but no takers there. I have approach another local shop, which had a markup of 120-200% so that would make my quilts totally not affordable. I have a third shop in mind to approach, but need to stop thinking about doing it, and actually get into action. Thursday this week sounds good – doesn’t it?

Placemats. I have a thing about placemats. Dont know why, but I love them! Would love to make some for my sis too.

Skirts. I love wearing skirts, and have two really good patterns, and at least one piece of fabric purchased for the purpose, so really just need to get happening on that one too.


Its good to be back!


Bunnies, Bag and Skirt January 17, 2010

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I found a cute bag pattern in the Australian Homespun Handbag Special, which I modified from the shown green to my fave blue. I got spoiled with an iPhone this month and the bag ofcourse have a custom made iPhone sized pocket 🙂 Pics of the green version here (scroll to ‘the Prairie satchel’).

A dear friend wore a very nice wrap skirt last i saw her, and when she told me it was made using this pattern I just had to give it a go. It was easy peasy to make, but when I went shopping for fabric I forgot about the contrasting binding and was too impatient not to finish the skirt once I got started, so i guess this is the plain Jane sister.

It was only last night when looking for pics of the bag from the Homespun Magazine that I realised it was the talented Toni that had created both patterns!

Today, a rainy summers day in Melbourne, I managed to do a little gardening and a little sewing. I have made prototypes of bunnies for two of my colleagues who had babies last year. I always make something homemade for my friends, but was not in a space to do it when the littlies arrived.


Blue Quilt progress, hand quilting half done January 16, 2010

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It is taking its time I must admit.

A downturn in my mental health, a wee bit of christmas prep and celebration and an awful lot of suny Melbourne days got in the way me thinks.

I am taking the quilt to work, and work on it in my breaks, I get at least 30 minutes done per shift, and I work 7 days of a fortnight. Should be done by easter 😉

Should have viewed the pic before uploading – that is terrible! But now the day light is gone, so cant redo it.


Lindas Lunch Bag December 12, 2009

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I have long been a fan of the simple but multi-uses Jordy bag. Last year I made a medium sized one that I use to carry my lunchboxes to and from work, love the idea of not using plastic bags. Tonight I had this sudden urge to make one for my dear friend for christmas. I am hoping I can hide it under her tree for a surprise. Her fave colour is green, who would have guessed 😉


A little bit of order

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in an otherwise terribly messy room.


My crafty space December 11, 2009

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Is in my spare room.

Much of this year it has been taken over by a double bed and visitors, and since my in laws are invading next week, I am madly trying to finish all the machine work on my blue squares, the rest I can do by hand whilst on the couch conversing 😉

More crafty spaces here.


Oaty-chrissy treats December 10, 2009

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One of my fave danish christmas treats are oat-balls ‘havregrynskugler‘. A variation on a rum ball I suppose.

You’ll need

100g of soft butter

300ml quick cooking oats

150ml icing sugar

100ml cocoa

100ml dessicated coconut

1 teaspoon strong coffee

a dash of vanilla

Mix all ingredients, roll into small balls and roll in more coconut.

Store in the fridge.

We love these so much I have just made batch number 4 already.


Crafty Tuesday – cheats gifttags December 2, 2009

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Inspired by Diane I have been VERY crafty today 😉 It is almost cheating calling it a craft – but what the heck, I’m taking the chance.

I alway tear of the front of last years christmas cards before depositing the backs in the recycling. In years past, we have pasted chrissy images onto red cardboard for new christmas cards, but this year I dont think my mental health lends itself to card-stress, so this years project is even easier – gifttags.

Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Merry 2nd December.